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Auction Calendar



Spring Auction 2017

April 18th-May 1st 

21 artists

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The Maria Pace Wynters Solo Auction Event

March 21st-22nd 2017

The Lauren Rudolph Solo Auction Event
 February 22nd-23rd 2017




The Teabag Girls Auction Event with Jeanne-Marie Webb

February 28th- March 1st 2017

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Previous Auctions


Spring Auction

April 6th-20th 2016

Artists include: Robin Laws, Ivette Newport, Jennifer Albin, Robin Mead, Jamey Jackson, Renata Loree, , Lara Provost, Nikol Wikman., Kara Strachan Bullock, Marisol Diaz, Donna Davies Timm , Chris Machin,  Jamie Baldwin Gaviola, Sheri Ponzi, Arlene Holtz, Dan Springer Jennifer Riehl, Olga Furman, Lauren Rudolph, Joan Maurer, Lynne Lancaster Cass



May Auctions


A  Maria Pace Wynters Auction Event May 3rd- 4th 2016




A Donna L. Martin Auction Event May 24-25th 2016


June Auctions


A Marie Ndolo Solo Auction Event

June 8th-9th 2016



A Julie Johnson Solo Auction Event

June 21st - 22nd 2016



A Misty Mawn Solo Auction Event

July 22nd - 23rd 2016

A Julia Gabrielov Solo Auction Event


October 12 - 20th, 2016

Artists include: Olga Furman, Ivette Newport, Marisol Diaz, Donna Davies Timm, Lynda Fortin King, Lauren Rudolph, Jennifer Albin, Annie Hamman, Renata Loree, Jennifer Bonneteau, Jeanne-Marie Webb, Paula Watters Jones, Maria Pace-Wynters, Lara Provost

How to apply to be in an auction...



To submit for consideration in a future auction, please fill out the form below. Include your name, email and a link to where I can view your art.  Also send 4-5 photos of your best work to sgagos@aol.com.  

Possible mediums: sculpture, painting, altered art, dolls, jewelry, assemblage.

Please do not message to inquire if you've been accepted, if your work is considered a good fit, I will send you an email with all of the details.

Thanks so much for submitting to be in one my auctions!