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"Acrylic Pouring came at a time in my life when I really needed to learn how to let go in my art and in my life. Art felt hard, and I often found myself frustrated which was taking the fun out of art making. Instead of trying to make something happen, I felt a longing to try a medium that almost took some of the control away.

Enter acrylic pouring....



Acrylic pouring is really a dance between control and letting go.

It requires a playful spirit and a willingness to risk and let go. While you do plan what colors you use, the consistency of your paint, how big or small your canvas will be, how much you will tilt etc...you can never predict the outcome.

Each pour is one of a kind, a delightful surprise (and yes sometimes, a big messy disaster which hopefully was a lot of fun anyway and teaches more about the process)

I hope to impart some of what has worked for me as well as what hasn't worked.  I hope to share with you my enthusiasm and passion for this art medium.

 I hope you have a lot of fun along the way. 



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Go with the Flow I is an introductory course on acrylic pouring. Content includes:

A tour through my previous pours and info on various techniques I used

A talk on the various supplies used for acrylic pouring

Three acrylic pour projects with three different recipes (no torching involved)

A two part painting a face on a pour video


A step by step PDF      

Bonus Content: 1-2 extra acrylic pour videos






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This course is for you:

If you are new to acrylic pouring, just starting out or have never tried it.

You feel a bit overwhelmed by all information out there on acrylic pouring and have hesitated to try it.

You don't mind getting a little messy

You are ok with letting go of some control and seeing what happens

You are willing to experiment. It takes practice to find a formula that works for you and not every pour will work every time.

You are willing to accept that cells are not everything and that you can still create something beautiful without cells.

You are ready to play!

A reminder if your PayPal email is different than the email you want me to use for the course, please email me the proper email at sgagos@aol.com



Note: Due to an allergic reaction while using Floetrol, silicone and torching, when I first started pouring, I had to find some ways to still enjoy the process without these ingredients and the use of a torch. In this course I use some safer and simpler ingredients to get similar results and I do not use a torch.

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Full Supply List will be sent via email when register.

Some supplies needed

  • Cups 4-5 oz cups are adequate for smaller paintings, up to 10 x 10, for mixing paint
  • Craft Sticks
  • Gloves
  • Squirt or Squeeze bottle 
  • Canvases or wood panels, 8 x 8’s are a great size to start with. For your portrait one you may want to go bigger (11 x 14 or 12 x 16)
  • Paint in various consistencies (craft paint, house paint, soft bodied paint)


Classes are non-refundable due to immediate access.