Inner Child Healing Workshop

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Inner Child Healing Workshop


Do you feel disconnected from your inner child, are you confused about why sometimes you act younger than you are, especially when triggered? Do you sense that there is a wounded little girl inside of you that needs your attention and no matter how much you try to leave the past in the past, she just keeps coming up? Come reconnect and learn how to honor and nurture your inner little girl.


The Inner Child Healing Workshop is a self paced, 4 week mixed media healing art course. In it you will get to know your inner child, learn how to nurture her and keep her safe while learning how to navigate between your Adult Self and your Child Self. We will spend some time dialoguing, asking questions, revisiting past experiences and finding ways to honor our inner little girl.

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Week One: Meeting your Inner Children

Week Two: Exploring the Wonderchild

Week Three: Keeping the Wounded Child Safe in the Adult World

Week Four: Reparenting, The Mother Inside


What you will need:

High Speed Internet Service

A good browser like Firefox or Google Chrome

A laptop or computer

A free Vimeo account if you want to download the videos

Adobe Reader to read and download PDF’s

A camera and scanner so you can upload your artwork and share

writing journal

art journal or loose watercolor paper 140 lb

a few sheets of big paper 23 x35

box, wooden or shoe box

a baby board book (optional, you can do this project right in your art journal or on watercolor paper)

paints safe to fingerpaint with (tempera, finger paint, or other acrylic can use gloves or the Invisible Glove product to protect your skin)

papers, book pages, scrapbooking

glue or gel medium

Basic supplies: use what you have! acrylic paint, spray inks, stamps, stencils etc.