In Healing the Mother Wound we explored the wound, in this journey we will focus on empowering ourselves in the here and now.

Our work will be to ask ourselves what is the mother wound calling us to heal and reclaim in our lives right now?

What are the gaps left by your relationship with your mother and how can you begin to fill them with your own love and the love of others.

How does the lost and wounded child show up in your life and how can you nurture and empower her/yourself?

How can we use the mother archetype to empower the "sacred mother" within?

Through writing, art and sacred photography we will explore the mother archetype and how we can begin to integrate her more.

With courses of this nature, space is limited.  Please sign up early if this course resonates with you.


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Starting Saturday September 26th 


This is a four week online course with an extra week for processing and integrating. 

We will have a weekly in depth prompt to explore, a private community to share our healing process, and support from myself and the community.  Most content is delivered via video and written form. Two powerful meditations will also be included.

No art experience necessary.

No photography experience, you can use your phone camera or a regular camera.

There will be an opportunity to explore each prompt creatively, and there will be various alternatives to "painting". 


I encourage participants to take the Healing the Mother Wound course first if they have not explored the mother wound in depth.  In part one we work with the wound, which is so important. Before we can begin stepping into the now, mothering ourselves and empowering the child within, there are parts of the process such as grief and anger which are addressed in part one. I consider these vital. It's hard to skip these steps and go straight to empowerment. It's sort of like bypassing the stages of grief and jumping into acceptance. 

The mother wound is a primal and devastating wound. Knowing how it still affects you and how you relate to yourself and others will be a powerful piece. This is how we will begin.  As we progress we will explore ways of empowering the inner child and stepping into the sacred woman within us. 

The mother wound is multi-layered, its effects are far reaching but we all have the power within us to heal. It is not a healing that happens all at once, it happens over time and with lots of presence and compassion for ourselves. My job is to give you the space and opportunity to enter into your own healing in a conscious way with the support you need as you make your way through some of the layers of wounding.


My courses are usually based on my growing philosophy around healing:


Sometimes we need to make the commitment of time and presence to our healing and invest in our process. The act of saying I am going to look at this, I'm going to show up fully in this and take some time to focus on my healing, is a powerful act.

Being seen in the wounding and in your power is a vital part of the healing process. We heal by being mirrored, witnessed and in community.

How we are feeling in the present moment and what is showing up in our lives often gives us information about what needs healing. Life informs us. We need to be aware of what life is trying to tell us.

We don't need to heal all at once, we can't. No workshop, class, group will heal us once and for all. Healing is a journey, it never ends. Our job is to keep showing up and allowing, trusting and opening up to opportunities for healing.

Our body cannot be left behind. We need to tune into our bodies every step of the way. It often contains the blocks that come from the our wounding. It also contains the wisdom to heal those blocks.

Movement and being in our bodies more, helps us heal.

Expressing yourself, your feelings, your longings, your pain are all part of the process. The tools we will use in the course are writing, painting and photography:

Writing helps us to articulate and make meaning. Many students have aha moments from their journaling in my classes.

Painting allows you to express yourself without words, giving you access to parts of yourself that may not be in your awareness.

Seeing with your camera lens allows you to see anew, to search for that which calls to you and to learn more about who you are. Playing with your photos digitally, adding words, blending them together or altering with filters, allows you to express yourself in new and interesting ways.


Some important notes:

Space is limited to create a more intimate circle. Signing up early is recommended. 

Ongoing support is provided in the private Healing Truth Sanctuary group once the course ends. You will never be left without support.

It is highly advised that you are under the care of a therapist. While many participants get quite a bit out of my courses, they are not to be used as a replacement for therapy but rather an enhancement. 

Why I created the Healing the Mother Wound courses:

As a child I was deeply traumatized by my mother. Her rage, abuse and erratic tendencies created an internal pattern of feeling unsafe in the world. Mothering myself and allowing others to mother me have been just two very empowerment pieces in my healing process. Relationships with the feminine and learning how to reimagine them and develop trust has helped me to feel safer in the world. I've also had to learn how to be a "big girl" even though I was carrying around a very traumatized and victimized little girl inside. 

I have a special place in my heart for others who did not receive the mothering they deserved. I know how deeply this wound cuts and how it affects self confidence, self care, self worth and the way we walk in the world.

I create a safe space to explore these issues with women who "get it". Being witnessed in your wounding as well as your power is healing in action. The group experience is powerful part of the process.

All groups are confidential and feedback guidelines are set in place to create safety.