I was first drawn to the eyes of the ladies Stephanie paints. Some are deep, thoughtful, alluding to a sadness lurking under the surface; others have a sparkle, a whimsy, an I am up to something look about them. Either way I know those feelings, have felt them, been called by them. Once I was able to pull myself from the draw of the eyes I began to notice and appreciate all that she puts into these souls. The colors, textures, symbols, and positive words that often keep me going after a rough day. Alive, believe, fly, hope...what every survivor needs to remember in her darkest moments. I could look at these pieces for hours on end taking in all they have to offer and still find something new the next day. People that I share these with are intrigued, happy and are generally drawn to a favorite which opens a dialogue between friends that can go in a million different directions. True art allows us to come together in a shared experience and leave feeling filled with a new energy and knowledge.

Stephanie takes these ideas even further when she works in different styles and mediums. Her fearlessness is amazing! I am lucky enough to have two originals that are completely different but no less intriguing. Friends are amazed and speechless when told that they are painted by the same artist, they are simply blown away by the idea that one person has so much talent and can tell stories in so many ways. Emergence and Breakthrough speak to my heart, my passions and my goals. They remind me of the beautiful friendship I share with this artist as well as my own growth and emotional expansion. In short they speak to the depths of my soul. With nothing but paint and canvas Stephanie has stoked the fires of my passion and strength while reminding me of my own talents and the gifts I have to give as well.
Namaste soul sister, I am so honored to call you my friend!

Jessica Blais

I saw this beautiful, amazing painting and it called to me! There was a bright healing energy that just beamed from her! Without even a thought, Stephanie asked what I wanted painted down the sides, "and She takes flight", flowed through me so naturally, she was meant for me!

Beautiful and just enough whimsy with such beautiful detail! It's so hard to capture all of the details in this beauty. I unveiled her and hung her right away.

Stephanie is an amazingly talented and gifted woman. It has been an absolutely Godsend to have met her and to now to own one of her creations! Love Stephanie and her loving light and my new companion.

"When I first saw your post of the courage girl I was instantly drawn to her eyes. I just had to have her. Then when she came in the mail I was ecstatic. Opening the box was like an unveiling. Once I got her out I was in awe. You get this almost holy feeling. You know, like you are in the presence of greatness. You are quiet and mesmerized. I had to run my hands over it to feel the texture. Every time I look at her a moment of healing solitude surrounds me. That is why I keep her at work. What better place to have a bit of healing sanctuary? !" Rhonda

"STEPHANIE!!!!! She arrived today!! Oh my goodness, oh my goodness I love love love her! She was sat under the wrapping in the box and I was beaming at her - she has such a loving radiant energy. I am in the process of complete room redecoration so she is going safely away for a few weeks but she is going to be adored for sooo soo long. My husband loved her too! He said gosh she's even more beautiful in reality than her picture online. Thank you for shining your light into the world, for sharing your gifts and talents with others and in doing so making the world a better place!!!" Maxine Howarth U.K

"I just unveiled her. She gazes right into my heart and soul. She knows. As you know. I have never been so personally moved by a painting this way before. She is home. Thank you. She is sending me joy through her eyes right into my heart. Just totally incredible. To me, her eyes are of the sky. She brings a song to my heart, truly. She is so beautiful. And keeps growing more beautiful right before my eyes. I am so mesmerized by her. Powerful connection going on here." Grace Hamilton

"Every morning your artwork greets me before I get out of bed. I can't even describe the joy those prints bring me. Keep doing what you are doing. You are living your purpose and it shows.

Sheila H.

"I truly believe Stephanie, that there is healing in your art. That your transparency, your willingness to bare your soul in your art, it speaks to the hearts and the spirits of others and we are healed because of it: parts we didn't even know I needed healing become more whole more healed because of your bravery so I thank you my friend."

Sheila S.

"The color drew me in first. Deep greens when so much out there is dancing in reds and blues or browns. The humming bird spoke to me of freedom while being exactly as we are, and when I saw the word -fly- I was charmed and sold. The piece feels real and inspiring and now sits on my bedroom dresser as a reminder that when I simply lean into who I am, I'm free and I fly."  M.G.C New York

She is a fiery one and I love her! Strong and soft at the same time. Receptive, open and don't mess around with me and beautifully wild and still. OMG, I love her. Stacy California


Stephanie has tapped into something so deep within and it is beautiful. I love my goddess and she hangs right above my bed where I can see her every night before I go to sleep and every morning when I wake up. My painting reminds me of the beauty within myself. Your paintings are a gift, thank you! Kari F. Vancouver, Canada.