100 Faces Update 47-54

100 Faces 47-54.jpg

Face 47 was for a figure drawing class with Diane Rosen. I enjoyed it so much and the live model we working with had such a great face and great hair to work with. She had beautiful big blue eyes and blondish short dreadlike hair. And playing with pastel and charcoal was so much fun and a first for me. I also loved working on the figure. Hoping to do more.

Face 48 is one of my spirit girls for an amazing woman in the U.K. I just love the softness and innocence in her. I worked mainly with acrylics in this one.

Face 49

This adorable little face on wood is currently sitting on my altar, awaiting her new home. Her name is Wild.  I've since painted her sides a bright orange and put a nice glossy coat of medium on her. Mostly acrylics. You can take her home here if you are interested.

Next up is Face 50, this is another spirit girl for a good friend of the family. She's still here in my home and she is going to get picked up next Saturday. Can't wait to give it to her. The lion was so much fun! Who knew I could paint a lion head lol. I sure didn't. Love it when that happens.

Face 51 was a quick painting I did on wood. I'm still thinking of playing with her some more. I feel like she has more of a story to tell. I love the inner child on the right, for me that part of the painting fascinates me most.

52 is a painting I made for a group show on "interiors" I love her! She is transparent and some of her organs and skeletal structure shows as well as her bleeding heart. She was a lot of fun and I love the edge I stretched in this piece. She is available. Her name is "See Me"

Both 53 and 54 are drawings I made in my new portraits class with Diane Rosen, based on a live model. I am thoroughly enjoying the class and the strides I am making in working with realism a bit more. I love my style and I really love whimsy and faces that are non-traditional, but occasionally I'll like to work more realistically should I choose. I'm learning so much. We are working with charcoal and pastel and our instructor does not smudge or blend. Which is what often we naturally do with these two mediums. These two faces are not finished yet, but I'm including them as they are the next two faces I am working on.

Thank you so much for following along!

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