Sacred Geometry 2 by Artistcellar "Breath of Light Painting"

When I was asked to participate in the Artistcellar Blog Hop for the first time I was so excited. I couldn't wait to get my hands on the Sacred Geometry 2 set. It's so me! 

Here are in progress photos using this set while creating my new painting "Breath of Light".

(Be sure to read till the end as I will be sharing how you can win a set of these stencils. Yay!)


First I started with just laying some paint on the canvas.

One of my favorite things to do is to lay some color on top of another, then place a stencil over it and pull out the 2nd layer color with a baby wipe or wet paper towel.

This time I waited too long to pull the color easily and so I whipped out my spray bottle with water and a bit of flow aid in it, and that helped me pull the color out.

I just love using stencils on figures, especially around the neck area (a little throat chakra action, since I'm all about finding your voice of truth)

For the top of her head, I really just wanted to use just part of the stencil and I added color through the stencil. My paint may have been too watery but I kind of liked that it was a bit smudgy. It added to the dreamy effect.

stencil Collage 3.jpg

I liked what was happening here but I wanted to play with it a bit more.

So I decided to add a variation of colors to through this stencil, using my little hand sponge.

This is "Breath of Light" as she is currently. I think I will still play with her some more.


Leave me a comment and let me know which is your favorite and share this blog post on social media, for a chance to win a set of Sacred Geometry 2. I will announce the winner on March 9th.



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