100 Faces 29 -32

I had so much fun creating Face #29 and altering this quite hilarious holiday decor on wood. Here are some in progress pics. I just love the combo of reddish orange with turquoise! Swoon worthy for sure.  I used collage papers (monoprinted gelli papers, pattern paper) as well as gels and molding paste for the dress.

There is also a video for this one here!




Next up is Face 30 which was a Spirit Girl.  I am sharing all the in progress shots of this one in a separate post, The Making of a Spirit Girl.  Come read about how it all goes down.

Here is a photo of the finished product...deep love for this one.


Face #31 is also a Spirit Girl.

She is gorgeous and deep.

She definitely stretched me in ways I am still discovering.

I love how Spirit girls stretch me to try new things, to work with images I've never worked with before or colors I normally don't use. Not too many in progress pics for this one, but here she is. 

I went all in when making her and forgot to take photos!

We start with some color swatches I put together to send to the owner for approval.


Face #32 is another Spirit Girl.

I have so much making these. This beautiful woman had such lovely elements she wanted included and some came through that were not in our session. Love it when that happens. Here are some in progress shots.