The Making of a Spirit Girl

I really don't know where the idea came from, but it came fully formed. I wanted to do commissions that weren't realistic portraits but rather girls in my style based on elements given to me by the other person. I also wanted a way to combine my coaching with art in a sacred and spiritual way.

Spirit Girls was the perfect combination of all of the above.

Once I knew what I wanted to do, the rest was easy and the very first one I did, truly solidified for me that this is exactly what I want to be doing when I create a painting for someone. I want to combine my presence with their spirit to create something truly beautiful and a reflection of who they are on a soul level.

I hope you enjoy getting a deeper glimpse into the process.

Here we go!

It starts with a session.

I get to spend time with the person, to talk about what is going in their lives in this moment in time, to talk about what they are wanting to invoke, intend and have more of.

The conversation goes where it needs to go.

It always feels special and sacred to me to have this person trust me with their lives. Often I don't really know them. This will be our first time speaking.

It always amazes me how deep we go in such a short time.

I take a lot of notes, notes that will eventually be a part of my meditation and I will refer back to them often as I create the painting.

We end our conversation talking about color and images that speak to them, these are often meaningful and connected to powerful stories in their lives, sometimes they are just drawn to certain colors and images and there is no story. There is no right or wrong here.

From this I create a girl in my style using what I have sensed as well as what has been told to me.  It is beautiful dance of intuition and listening.

I often don't begin for another week or so, sometimes even two weeks. I paint fast and once I'm in the zone, I can stay in it for a day or two and completely finish a painting.

I start by sitting with the session, re-reading the notes, lighting a candle, gathering crystals near the area I will be working. I paint the intentions this woman has give me right on the canvas. I play with color and images and allow myself to just let go.

It feels very sacred, very intuitive, and I often feel as if I am letting go into another world and I am. Letting go into her spirit and listening to what "wants" to be in the painting. Sometimes things show up that were never discussed.

I trust this and keep going until it feels done.