100 Faces Update #8 #33-41

Welcome to update #8! Woohoo!

I have been a little busy bee trying to get ready for my show in the library.

Here are faces 33 - 41.

Both 33 and 34 are both part of the same painting, called Courage of the Heart.

This painting is available for purchase. There is also a video! Yayyyy!

I love this painting, it has such a beautiful mother energy to it.


Face 35 and 36

Both 35 and 36 were my attempts at creating a portrait of my friend Tony.  He started this movement of creating portraits for other artists and swapping portraits with them. I think number 36 looks a little more like him but 35 was a good attempt!

Face 36

Face 37 and 38 are part of a pair of angels.  They come together or sold separately, but I'd really love to keep them together! They are called Angel Sisters.

I had so much fun creating these.  I also love the co-creating with fans of my work. Someone said it would look cool if they were in front of a stained glass window, so I played with that and love how it came out.

Face 38

Face 39 is Gwen the Elf Girl. So magical and fun creating her. At first she was a bit too green and so I played with the pinks more.  Here is a before and after.



Face 40 is a sketch in my sketch journal which I am trying to use more. Hoping to continue practicing my drawing skills.

Face 41 is this adorable little face on an oval piece of wood. She is a love goddess.