100 Faces Update #9 42 - 46

Face 42 is in my sketchbook. She is the inspiration for the Angel Sister's painting. I made her so quickly and she ended up being one of my favorite sketches.

Face 43 is also in my sketchbook. I made her while watching the Bachelor at my local pizza shop in between commercials LOL!


Another little cutie in my sketchbook, but this time with a bit of an attitude :) I have angels on the brain apparently! And I'm loving all these quickie sketches.


This is a darker portrait than what I'm used to. I played with new materials to me, like charcoal with acrylic paint. I also used alcohol, stencils, sprays. It was a lot of fun. Her name is Serenity Within and I got a lot of help with the name from my friends on Facebook.


This sassy face with lots of attitude is part of a painting called Ring Leader. I had so much fun with this as I pulled her out of the patterns in the paint. Pulling is so much fun! Look at the little hat on top of her head, that was totally just there!